hey there, I'm AMANDA!

Interior design expert, coach and all-round problem solver.

I approach my work like I approach most things in my life... I'm curious about people, about new ideas and about how to make stuff happen.

Building things just happens to be one of the most satisfying things you can do in life - I love it and I'm here to help you do it too.

If you think your biggest decision is whether to go for timber floorboards or tiles in your new home, then you might be surprised to see how many more decisions you need to make to specify your timber flooring.

The reality of trying to create your dream home and also be practical at the same time can be challenging, so to make sure that we keep things in perspective, I have a few rules that guide me when designing a home for a family with children…

Before you get the paint brushes and roller out, there are a few steps I recommend you take to make sure that the colour you decide on is the right one for your home.




The biggest mistake I see homeowners making that costs them